Amount of Money Freelance Writers Make

Freelance writers do not depend on the end of month salary. If you are a writer, the amount of money you earn goes hand in hand with the work you do. If you decide to work hard, then you will get a substantial amount of money.  The more creative and intelligent you are as a writer, the more you earn. If you deliver quality work, there is no day you will lack. Clients love their work done on time. Many people make money through blogs. If you are a freelance blog writer, you will earn an average of $100 or below.

Freelance Writing Rates

You can try and research to know the average amount a freelance writer earns. Freelance writers get interviewed on the amount of money they get. There are many different answers from them since they obtain differently. It depends on the type and quality of work you deliver. Some clients charge per hour while others go with the number of words. Your payment will come with what the client checks. Some people earn a substantial amount of money by not doing much. It all depends on the client.  You should also know that if you are a freelance writer who took a different career path, you are different from the writer who has no qualifications.

The spectrum of Freelance Writing Rates

 If you are a freelance writer and you earn less money, try and have your website. Writing platforms will get you small money compared to the website. It is not easy to have your website, but the moment you have, you will never regret it. Some writers who have their private websites employ other writers and pay them a quarter of what they earn from the website.  Some freelance writers are willing to get $20 for writing an article of 150 words. In 2017 beginner freelance writers were getting $15 per hour while expert writers earn $100 per hour. As the years go by, their pay increases, and in 2020 it is much better. Every business needs a freelance writer for it to have content and web pages.

Content Mills or Going Solo

Some writers are not well experienced and do not belong to any platform. They are known as content mills. Some writers are experienced and decide that 2020 is the year for them to start solo. For one to find a client who pays a lump sum of money is very difficult. Freelancer writers need to market themselves properly to get a client who pays well. Nothing is impossible because they always manage to get such clients. Some writers develop their own writing business.

They operate in a way in which they charge what comes in their mind. While a content mill earns $10 for writing an article with 800 words, they earn $80 for the same work. Some clients go for expensive freelancers for quality work. Some freelancers have fixed prices. They put the prices in their profile for the clients to see. For instance, an article with 500 words will earn them approximately $20. For the same work, another writer will accept $5, which is very low. That is the reason why different learners earn differently. Some are willing to go with any amount while others know their worth.

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