Choosing an Easy Academic Essay Topic

Every academic essay we write should always have a topic and a subject. The challenge that most academic writers face is that when given a specific topic, they get stuck. It means that you do not always have to know what to write about to be a writer. There are cases where you are given a topic to research and write on, and that is where many students face difficulties. 

However, if you do not have something to write about, there is no need to torture yourself. Many tricks can help start you off. The most important of them all is carefully reading the instructions to the letter, then start writing immediately. Ensure that you put down complete, understandable sentences. You will be surprised that your mind is generating ideas. After you are done writing, read the sentences, and you will have an idea of what you are writing and have a chance to expound on it. 

The introduction section is a sensitive part, and it often brings anxiety to the writers. Starting with the introduction might also limit you in terms of ideas and lead to writer’s block. So we advise that you do not start with the introduction part. There are exceptions, especially if you have a concrete topic and a good idea of what you are writing about is when you can start with the introduction. In most cases, it is more efficient to write the introduction as the last thing in your essay. 

After you are done writing the content, please go through it and find that significant point and construct your introduction. You can use it to develop the perfect hook to define the entire essay and capture the readers’ attention. 

What to avoid

The one thing that you should avoid is an academic writer is not to use popular topics such as substance abuse, childcare, and divorce. You should also stay away from inappropriate and uncomfortable topics such as religion, sex, and politics. However, all the mentioned topics are not prohibited. You can write about them if you have some interesting angle that will not be offensive and is acceptable. 

Choosing the right topic

In cases where you have the freedom to choose a topic, try to dig into your creativity and come up with an exciting and unique topic. There are several ways to be creative and find a good topic, and they include:

  1. Read a lot of books and widely. It is an excellent way to find inspiration and get nuggets of valuable wisdom to your topic selection. Reading expands you thinking and opens up a space for new perspective and ideas.
  2. Take time to relax your mind. It is a trick that is proving to be useful in essay writing. Find a comfortable and serene spot where you can relax as you brainstorm on different ideas.
  3. Observation of things, people, and events can also help you gain inspiration for a good topic. You can derive great topics from actions, conversations, and people. 

Above all, you must be in a happy mood as you write your essay. Your mood plays a significant role in your productivity and creativity. An excellent way to ensure that you are in a good mood is to write about something that you love. A topic that you love opens your mind up for a flow of ideas, and you can easily connect them to your topic. With the above tip, your chances of ever getting stuck in your essay writing are minimal, and you will write the best.

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