Earning Well as a Freelance Writer

Working from home can be quite hectic, let alone starting your freelancing business. You need a constant stream of inspiration to continuously deliver gold for your freelancing clients. While the freelancing market is flooded with lots of businesses that demand specialized freelancing skills, numerous others don’t need any prior experience.

But how can you make money as a freelance writer? Read on to find out how.


Several writers online often use blogging as an avenue of communicating their thoughts and opinions as well as make a living from it. Websites for bringing in cash utilize various stages, for example, WordPress and others. You can pick a fascinating specialty to chip away at and begin publishing. For a long-term plan, you can even start making passive income from your blog. It takes some time for most websites to acquire cash, so be patient.

Guest blogging

Also known as guest posting, you might correctly have guessed that this involves writing blog articles but for other blogs. To get started, most freelancers often find websites that accept guest blogs and pitch their ideas to the editor. If accepted, you have to follow their preferred writing style, do your research, write naturally, and submit for publication.


As the name suggests, this involves writing copies for different websites. Here you might need to compose a wide range of company-specific documents such as staff manuals. You should note that this is not the same as the usual article writing that you might be used to. Nevertheless, you can figure out how to ace it and find your way through this specialty. As a specialist, you will be tasked with writing things like PR copies. To find your first job, you can start by looking at the advertised opportunities in the different job boards and other freelancing websites for copywriters.

Online content

Well, content is the main thing that keeps the internet running. That said, this is the main reason why there is so much demand for online content. For an upper hand, companies now rely on SEO based content meaning that freelancers now need to specialize to improve their marketability as well as chances of securing more lucrative gigs. You can use LinkedIn and explore the different job boards to find some quick online content work.

Magazine projects

Most magazines recruit freelancers and let them contribute to their brand with interesting stories for their audiences. It might be hard to track down some of the best paying magazines for work since the freelancing space is usually limited and you may need to connect with an editorial manager to get in.

Final thoughts

As you can see, making money online isn’t that complicated. All you need to have is a little more faith in your skills, patience, and hard work. Some of the best online content writing opportunities are those that aren’t advertised. This means that you have to dig a little deeper by expanding your search and continually pitching new leads.


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