Editing a Book: Smart Secret to Improve Your Skills

Plenty of questions can run through your mind when working as a freelance writer and getting a task to write a book. How can you tell when it gets ready to get published? What methods can you use to make it an outstanding piece that can compel readers? Well, if you have found yourself asking such questions during your writing process, please know that you are not alone. Plenty of writers face similar questions when trying to get their books ready for publishing. However, with experience and expertise, it can become a simple decision. But this often implies avoiding glaring mistakes in your writing.

Most successful writers will attest to getting close to accomplished editors during their writing process in ensuring a mastering of when their books get ready for that initial publication. Further, such authors will expound on the challenges faced when writing reading materials or books. It gets tempting to have rushed decisions regarding publishing and, in most cases, without proper editing. It will prove a common mistake that most beginners make when it comes to the writing profession.

Publishing proves a critical step for any writer, and it always signifies the ultimate process before getting your work out there. However, it also becomes necessary to accomplish each critical task to ensure your book attains the highest levels of perfection. Therefore, you have to prioritize how you can learn the relevant book editing guidelines to ensure you publish without any hitches. It will ensure the work you release for publishing proves of high quality and ideal for the market. So how can you go about it? You need to pursue proper editing by all means, even if it implies enlisting the help of skilled editors or writers from diverse writing companies.

The Time it Takes to Edit a Book Properly

Plenty of writers wonder about the Period it can take when editing their books well, but the answer always lies in the author. Editing can vary from one writer to the next. It may not follow a predictable time pattern since every editor has a unique reading speed that will ultimately determine their editing process’s meticulousness. Additionally, authors also have diverse abilities when it comes to noting errors. It makes it perfect to avoid limiting yourself until you note and correct all errors in your piece.

The length it takes to edit a specific book will vary with the book’s length. For perspective, it may take less time to edit a piece of text that has a hundred thousand words compared to a piece with an excess of a hundred and fifty thousand words. Therefore, the word count will determine the pages, and these will consequently determine the editing period. However, note that experts propose that you should take very little time to edit, as much as this will rely on your capacity.

Your daily work can also define the Period you take to edit your book. While expert editors interact with their manuscripts daily, they can use the utmost two weeks to edit their work, especially when not too lengthy. Regardless of your expertise, the recommended advice entails working on your editing every three hours every day, even as you conceptualize the whole editing process. 

If you decide to edit your work alone, it may take longer instead of enlisting the help of expert editors. Additionally, some errors can escape your mind, something that an expert would have noticed and corrected. Additionally, experts edit accurately and fast, and it would help if you can afford one to enlist their editorial help.

Editing Guidelines in Refining Your Book

  • Avoid lengthy sentences as they can lead to redundancies.
  • Avoid repetitions, especially when it comes to phrases, as it will display your inability to articulate your writing.
  • Correct passive sentences. Eliminate all the words that can make your sentences passive. An example includes related conjugations.
  • Verbalize your text as you read to note any potential mistake that can easily escape your attention.
  • Take breaks and rejuvenate after completing the writing process and before you embark on the editing part.


Editing can become fun and fast once you consider and uptake the mentioned guidelines in your editing process. However, remember that you want a quality output, something that can get realized through quality editing.

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