Writing Techniques: Why You Have to Learn Them

Writing plays a vital role in almost every sphere of life. You will get writing dominating nearly every aspect of academia in schools, research, your workplace, and many more. Therefore, it becomes crucial to comprehend the diverse writing techniques commonly employed in write-ups not only to succeed in school but also to survive post academics.

Writing forms an essential aspect of communication in this current tech-dominated era. While only a few individuals comprehend the significance of writing, even fewer get to exploit its potential. Therefore, to understand the importance of writing, you have to consider the following aspects, especially when it comes to academic writing vis-à-vis the main objective of co-existing and interaction.

Before getting to the diverse writing techniques and their aspects, it becomes crucial to know that the writing techniques’ comprehension will steer a writer into a specific writing direction whenever they decide to employ one of the techniques. Additionally, the writing techniques determine what type of message you want to share and the audience type targeted. For instance, when you want to target professionals, you will use a writing technique dissimilar to one you employ when targeting a comic audience.

Mastering your writing techniques will make you an excellent writer as it will influence your word choice, especially when it comes to relaying information.

Comprehend the diverse writing techniques: why they prove essential?

Writing often entails the presentation of information clearly and coherently as opposed to conjuring up paragraphs and articles. Every time you embark on a writing expedition, you have to take cognizance that your work targets diverse audiences. Therefore, make your communication of ideas as clear as you can, but use different writing techniques to ensure your piece appeals across the board and not only to a particular audience.

Types of writing techniques

  • Descriptive Writing Techniques. It involves a technique where the writer incorporates their audience to participate in the story by capturing their imagination and ensuring they derive mental images representing the write-up. As much as plenty of writers aspire to use this technique, a large proportion of them fail to get it right. It becomes essential in catching the attention of the reader by offering detailed facts and explanations.
  • Narrative writing technique. The writing technique can prove an excellent option for a student or an individual pursuing their respective careers.  It gets well represented by individuals who have created a name for themselves by utilizing this technique. It implies a narration or story, which anyone can piece together. However, the challenge entails the acceptable quality limit outside your current setting; different settings have diverse acceptable limits for narratives. However, to maneuver on this, you have to understand the techniques employed in narratives.  
  • Persuasive writing technique. Plenty of academic writing encompasses persuasive writing as a technique. Further, persuasive writing has its techniques, and it could help if you adhered to them while writing such a piece. It entails making soli arguments, which catches your reader’s attention. It also encompasses making a concise and clear introduction to attract an audience to go through it till the end. Therefore, try and avoid this writing technique when you realize your voice when writing cannot prove compelling enough. In this scenario, it would serve you best to enlist the help of expert writers. 
  • Comedy method. Here, the techniques involve comedy narrations, informal writings, and stories. All these forms of writing get intended to stimulate the audience into laughing. Therefore, as a professional writer, you have to comprehend your piece’s intention and your audience to select and write appropriate content.  For instance, whenever you want to direct your writing to an audience that loves comedy, you must learn the techniques necessary for comedy writing to become effective.  When you develop the pun writing techniques, you will become capable of effectively fulfilling your paper’s aim.
  • Other techniques also exist, and these can incline themselves on essay writing, poetry writing, resume writing, etc.Each of these writing forms has a distinct method used to make the writing effective. Therefore pick an approach carefully based on what you want to write about.


The writing techniques illustrated prove crucial to the communication of ideas to the intended audience effectively. All you have to do entails picking your niche and employing the writing techniques that prove applicable.

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