A Complete Guide for Beginners in Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a good way of earning an extra income working part-time or even full time. There are a lot of freelance writing gigs out on the market and many freelance writers and dealing with the various categories present in the online world. There are several sites too where you can use to get your first freelancing gig. We shall explore all that in a bit, but first, you need to understand what freelance writing is and what it entails.

These tips below will help you know the steps you can take and be a freelance writer.

  1. Research freelance writing

Before you can become a freelance writer, you first have to research freelance writing. It is the primary step as it shows your seriousness in the step you are about to make. Lookout for freelance writers online and peruse their blogs. Make sure you learn the most you can entail in the freelance writing business. Contact some freelancers and after establishing communication with them, inquire about some basic questions like the market, mode of payment, finding and charging clients, etc.

  1. Skills necessary for freelance writing

Knowing how to read and write fluently can make you a freelance writer alright, but some additional skills will add spice in your profile and even generate more income. These skills include:

  • Organizational Skills
  • Content Marketing
  • Confidence
  1. Practice Writing

Practice makes perfect. There is no other way around that. To become better at freelance writing, you have to practice regularly to get a better comprehension of the whole writing endeavors. If you have some experience in writing, strive to improve your skills. Adopt a practice of eliminating filler words, adding sensory details, and hone your craft. To achieve this, you may opt to start your blog.

  1. Create a Writing Portfolio Containing Your Work

Before a serious client asks for your services, they will often want to go through your previous works. Create samples or refer them to works you have written in the past. You can upload your writing samples on google docs or choose to publish your work on medium.

  1. Start Pitching to Jobs

You are now eligible to look for writing jobs online. Your main concern may be where and how to find clients. There are several websites online a freelancer can use to register an account and start working for clients. Platforms Problogger, among others, offers opportunities for freelancers to interact with clients. Be daring to pitch to a prospective client with courage and enthusiasm.

  1. You have to Hustle

As a freelancer, it’s your motivation that will drive you to find jobs. It applies especially for newbies, but the ultimate goal is to make clients seek your services. To achieve this, strive to sell your name in the market through your work. To reach a bigger audience, you can go through social media, and the second alternative is through guest posts.

  1. Continue learning 

There are many fields in the writing world. Whether you want to specialize in one area or spread out, always look for ways to gain new knowledge as it enhances your marketability and increases your income.


Freelance writing is a gradual process. It requires your dedication to make a good writer. Similarly, follow these guidelines, and within a short time, you will be the best in your area of interest. I wish you well.